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Refrigeration ventilation equipment

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Eagle Group refrigeration ventilation equipment design, sales, installation, maintenance one-stop multi-functional engineering works of well development in serval years. And we have sales for cooled, water-cooled central air-conditioning unit of frozen water; heat recovery units, cooling towers, pumps, ventilation equipment wind cabinet including PAU, AHU, EAU, fan coil, fume purification equipment, dust reduction project and so on ...... We have many year experience and profitional team members for clean air-conditioning engineering design, installation, maintenance works. Eagle Group's air-conditioning unit and engineering strength, has been involved in a number of large-scale project design and installation organization management, access to more than Hong Kong offices, hospitals, universities, public and charitable services, shopping malls, property management, large and medium-sized enterprises recognition, and successfully become the name of the specified equipment or hydropower central air-conditioning repair and maintenance suppliers.
       We have an excellent construction management policies, contracts and keeping promises. Within one year after completion of the project to provide free air conditioning basic maintenance services. Other than one year, customers need to paid charges to provide air conditioning maintenance and other services.