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Maintenance services

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Eagle Group provides our customers an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly routine maintenance services as well as for selection, areas include all types of air conditioning, ventilation equipment, cold storage equipment, ice-making unit, and other maintenance issues; central air conditioning after a long-running, air-conditioning chilled water, cooling water installations, chillers, fans will inevitably be water Material of the active heat sink, rust, silt, bacteria, algae and dust problems, will directly lead to reduced cooling capacity, operational reliability, reduced operating costs, increased energy consumption increase so to join in Eagle Group of the proposed reasonable routine maintenance program, not only to avoid unnecessary trouble, affect the normal operation, while effectively reducing the company's operating costs.
Eagle Group has for many years engaged in the development of high air-conditioning project design, installation, repair, maintenance and other professional personnel, have participated in a number of major air conditioning project design and installation, a group of professional team dedicated to hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants and other large establishments provide air conditioning maintenance services, widely praised by the industry.