Eagle Development (Holdings) Company Limited established in 1992, and start the project and engineering industry at the same year. As included two parts of business: Engineering and Retail Sales. For the well performance and seriously attitude , nowadays Eagle becomes a famous enterprise of Engineering filed in Hong Kong since 2009. We start the retail business development in China. And we have a change the revolution decreased in retail . At the same time, the engineering work in ShenZhen . According the standardize and modern project management , it becomes a miscellinious Project Management , Interior Design , Furniture Production and one stop services Enterprise.

      Eagle Development (Holdings) Company Limited is divided into four divisions:

      ● Central air-conditioning division - specializing in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, shops, offices, and even home air conditioning and ventilation project design, equipment supply, installation plus change, routine maintenance, as well as emergency repairs and other service areas; the company After continuous efforts, the country had become boast many international companies, in Hong Kong's famous star hotel group approved contractors.

      ●Made furniture and interior design business unit - specializing in hotels and restaurants, hospitals , schools, shopping malls , retail shops, offices , residential home decoration design and construction; Eagle Development has the elite group of interior design with forward-thinking, high-quality management personnel and construction team craft, design, management, construction as one of three teams combined to meet the design boutique, standardization of construction, materials, environmental protection, the prices are competitive, service brand realm; a high reputation for creative design of furniture design team working closely with the high reputation of the relationship between the furniture factory each year more leading fashion style furniture, often concern the influx of people has become the trend of Hong Kong furniture index has further implemented to provide one-stop worry-free service commitments.

      ● Air-conditioning renovation Hydropower Engineering Division - the development of high reputation with the Hong Kong government approved contractor qualifications, including small and medium engineering, electrical engineering, waterworks, etc ...; integration of central air conditioning, decoration, fireworks, water and electricity engineering industry chain; We insist on continuous cultivation of human resources training, talent respect, Talent usage; Long sight for China based in Hong Kong, Eagle Development undertaking the project in addition to the main Hong Kong and Shenzhen, has been gradually extended to the provinces and cities in China.

      ● Wholesale and retail trade division - One of the key division in Eagle Development, mainly engaged in hotel furniture supplies, office furniture, children's furniture , LED furniture, LED lights both, mainly engaged in domestic Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Southeast Asian markets, we are direct selling, eliminating the middlemen profits, professional recommendations, go to transport installation, training, guidance and other superior service, provide a high-quality, cost-effective have been successfully for the hotel industry, engineering industry, convenient selection of products supply platform.


Company Culture

      Eagle Development have high quality spirit, achievement brand model.

      Eagle has conscientious and careful , with high quality and creativity that achieve the model of Branding in Hon Kong. We use the most stringent attitude, the most professional team, quickest and most efficient for all customers to create the most creative use of space.

      Proximity high public people-oriented. We listen carefully to each customer's requirements, respect for customers and creative, with the most sincere attitude to customer satisfaction to creative space.


Business philosophy

     Eagle has been carrying out business philosophy. Hearts with spirits , the completion of work for each customer have comfort in mind, living spaces, and creating the “Dream Houses”.

  We have the spirit of art "thoughtful" and "human nature". Comprehensive ergonomics, architecture, aesthetics and philosophy, rational use of the limited space, lighting, color and other design elements, for customers to create new, personalized, practical space.

      There are “ Four Standards” of Eagle Development :

      Customer satisfaction is the evaluation criteria of our work;

      Employee satisfaction, we have created is the evaluation criteria;

      Business satisfaction is the evaluation criteria of our efforts;

      Social satisfaction, we offer to evaluate the standards;