Central Air Conditioning Division

        Central air-conditioning business is one of the most business of Eagle Development (Holdings) Company Limited. Business scope covers Design of refrigeration and air conditioning and ventilation, supply of equipment selection, installation plus change proposal, routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance, as well as emergency repairs and other services ... .; We acting and the world's many brands of frozen hair conditioning units, ancillary equipment and related products.

        We have strength air conditioning engineering team, have participated in a number of major air conditioning project design and installation. After years of efforts to develop, with the co-customer first purpose, we won several Hong Kong government departments, hospitals, universities, public and charitable services, shopping malls, property management, and other large or small and medium enterprises and the recognition and become a successful Specifies the name of the suppliers of central air-conditioning equipment repair and maintenance.

       We stick to professional and pragmatic mission; from large companies as well as the top head office, restaurants, shops, as well as residential homes have been actively provide better standard products and quality service.